Monday, January 4, 2010

A thought

Night after night I come out and support
Sitting, standing, cheering, clapping
Hugs, kisses and words of appreciation shower my being as you thank me for coming
My bank balance depletes but you are pleased to see me
So it's all good… isn't it?
This is about one hand feeding the other?
About us all coming together
Creating a movement?
A force to be reckoned with
Why is it when the tables are turned and I take the stage you are absent?
I mean, how can you know whether I am a talented Poet or an accomplished singer when you are never present?
I look out into the crowd and your face doesn't make up the sea of people there to support me
Maybe I was wrong?
Sometimes I'll ask you where you were just to feel your response
I guess I derive some kind of sordid pleasure from watching you understand that you became selfish
And also, if I'm thinking it, I'd rather say it so that I'm not harbouring it
So focused on your own success that you forgot that it is people like me that fill the seats and purchase your books or CD's, your customised badges and Tee's

I do it for the love, because I believe in what we are trying to do here… Would just be nice to see you when I'm up there…

Thank You

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SOC said...

Ouch! for who ever that is for.