Sunday, January 24, 2010

A good nights sleep...

The feeling of your masculinity
Next to me
In bed with me
The contact of my skin on yours however briefly
Your scent in the air lingering permanently
The times you put your arms around me
Running your fingers through my hair gently
Touching softly
Just the knowing that your there because you want to be
All these things help me rest easily
Hold me
With purpose, confidence and Love
Tell me all the things you can't say
Show me all the things you feel
Hold me
Let me fall asleep and wake up next to you
Your presence providing me with good night sleeps and rest
Hold me
With tight urgency but softly, like you know that I'm made of glass
With pure emotion
Take my breath away and remove my ability with words
Hold me
Hold me
Tell me stories of emotion and adoration
Touch my soul with yours
Never let go.

My want
My need
My wish
My dream
My craving...

Too much to ask... Maybe

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SOC said...

No it is not. But you may get it in instalments.