Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pt 1

What if?
I mean.
Every action has a consequence and perhaps this is that for me?
Had many chances to allow my body to do what He built it for but I put bad decisions and circumstance in the driving seat and encouraged them to lead the way.
Looked opportunity and blessing dead in the eye and drove right on by.
Never held on to a bigger regret.
Now said same body isn't quite the same.
Imbalance and karma adjusting purpose and purpose shrugging its shoulders in impassive dismissal.
I knew they were bad decisions.
Knew it wasn't what I wanted but my own fear of disappointing those I cared for the most took my hand and carefully, silently black markered my destiny in my own font.
Even though we made those decisions together, I am sincerely happy that only one of us may never have a chance to rewrite the story.
To have 2 lives effected by the whims of youth would be heartbreaking.
I want to tell you, because I am certain that only you will really understand but I am not convinced that it is the right thing to do.
I just hope you take that step and live a full and happy life appreciating every second chance that you have been given.

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