Friday, July 30, 2010

Haiku 2

Her neck holds his face.
Is her scent familiar?
Does he remember?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Haiku 1

Eyes sting wearily
I struggle to open them
And I am alone

Friday, July 16, 2010

Fresh.INK... Thurs 22nd Jul 2010

The rejection of the misconception. Screw what you thought you knew.

It's almost here....

An evening of some of the most exceptional Poets/Performance Poets/Spoken Word artists our city has to offer.

Vanessa Walters
Dean Atta
Deanna Rodger
Inua Ellams
With Dubb'l yoo T as our host for the night.

Come join us and see what the art form means to each of them.
Be a part of the changing/growing face of London's Poetry scene.
Support the movement.

Year Of The Poet

All proceeds from the event will go to Body & Soul an amazing charity that supports children, young people and families living with and/or affected by HIV.

Date - Thurs 22nd July 2010Venue - Club West One, BBC Western House, 99 Great Portland Street, W1 1AA
Doors open - 6.30, Show Time - 7.30
Entry - £5 (with an optional donation from BBC staff)

Look forward to seeing you there

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Feeling a little lost at the moment.
Out on a limb, swinging kinda limply just hoping.
World in tailspin as I go with the bumps and swings.
My plate is full and more food is quickly coming... The crowning glory is that this is still starters.
Eventually I'll hit the mains and then will have to tackle afters.
I have list upon list.
Doing my best to sort out my head tangibly.
Kinda knocks the system when reaching out for help and I'm told "It's ok, you can figure it out, you'll cope"
Not saying that I won't.
I will do as I'm told but mixed signals create confusion as to your role.
I will do as I'm told just don't want the complaints when I maintain total control.
I will do as I'm told and once again become used to doing it on my own.

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...

Monday, July 12, 2010


Yesterday I lost my book of poems.
I feel so disappointed and heartbroken.
My stomach hurts.
Too busy making sure I didn't forget man bags and short sleeved shirts.
*sad face and pouty lips*

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sour Candy floss and mouldy sugar snaps.

Will you tell me?
When you meet her will you tell me?
And if, by chance, you already have met her what is preventing you from sharing this life changing piece of information?
When conversation has gone just past the friendly and you start thinking emotionally, start feeling sexually will you tell me?
Or will I have to find out by some other means?
Will I have to hear it through mutuals or when I unsuspectingly try to talk to you.
Will candyfloss and sugar snaps turn sour and green with mould the next time I try and take hold of your now cold hand?
Cold heart.
Unwelcome in my old seat.
Distance now for when I try to speak you think outside of our box.
I admit that, even after all this time, I am still not used to the notion that this is our destiny and honestly dread when the time will come for you to tell me.
With all that said, sooner rather than later is better.
Don't make me wait.
Don't make a fool out of me.

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...

Anybody else...

Loooove Alpen but HATE raisins?

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Let us...

Let these arguments cease.
Lets just be.
Barriers, rules and blockades force me into a space where I seize up and shut down.
I am the opposite of what I want to be.
No longer feeling free.
I am
Uncertain of what you want to see.
Unsure of what sounds you want the words to make as they exit me.
I want to tell you
Want to remove some of the weight that I carry but I am frozen in the notion that you may just not care enough.
Am afraid that you will make open up and share with you but will not return the favour.
If you are serious in what you say then I have to see evidence of you doing the same because actions and words make me believe that nothing has changed and that you would have me show you my bag of burdens without allowing me to see yours.

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...

Embankment to Finsbury Park

Spent my whole journey home shaping syllables around your name.
Readied myself to hit send the moment reception resumed it's sometimish activity.
Crashed back to harsh reality by your misjudgement.
No parachute close to hand for I had already given mine to you.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Once upon a time.

Left stinging and embarrassed.
A drop of reality.
Guess I needed reminding.

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...

It's actually happening....

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...