Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sour Candy floss and mouldy sugar snaps.

Will you tell me?
When you meet her will you tell me?
And if, by chance, you already have met her what is preventing you from sharing this life changing piece of information?
When conversation has gone just past the friendly and you start thinking emotionally, start feeling sexually will you tell me?
Or will I have to find out by some other means?
Will I have to hear it through mutuals or when I unsuspectingly try to talk to you.
Will candyfloss and sugar snaps turn sour and green with mould the next time I try and take hold of your now cold hand?
Cold heart.
Unwelcome in my old seat.
Distance now for when I try to speak you think outside of our box.
I admit that, even after all this time, I am still not used to the notion that this is our destiny and honestly dread when the time will come for you to tell me.
With all that said, sooner rather than later is better.
Don't make me wait.
Don't make a fool out of me.

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