Friday, July 2, 2010

Let us...

Let these arguments cease.
Lets just be.
Barriers, rules and blockades force me into a space where I seize up and shut down.
I am the opposite of what I want to be.
No longer feeling free.
I am
Uncertain of what you want to see.
Unsure of what sounds you want the words to make as they exit me.
I want to tell you
Want to remove some of the weight that I carry but I am frozen in the notion that you may just not care enough.
Am afraid that you will make open up and share with you but will not return the favour.
If you are serious in what you say then I have to see evidence of you doing the same because actions and words make me believe that nothing has changed and that you would have me show you my bag of burdens without allowing me to see yours.

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