Friday, February 25, 2011

Lone Living Epiphany 1

Bra's and knickers are just like shoes.
Neither has any place indoors.
They are to be removed on returning home and only to be put back on again when exiting...

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conversations with a 9 year old

So... for my eldest niece Mia's 9th birthday in november I said that I would get her a guitar. I then had to wait for her to decide what type she wanted. All went quiet on the guitar front so I assumed she had moved on to a new desire and I would hear about it soon enough...
Today, I got a phone call...

*ring ring ring ring*
Aunty natalie - Hello?
Mia - Hello Aunty Natalie
AN - Hey Baby Girl, you Ok?
M - I've made a decision
AN - Oh Ok... Well... what is your decision? *confused*
M - I want and acoustic not and electric
AN - Oh Ok... and do you want and adult one or a kids one?
M - Erm... How big do the adult ones go?
AN - Have a look at the one that is in my room behind the wardrobe
M - Oh... that one looks a bit too big so I think I better have a kiddy one
AN - Ok, and what colour do you want it in?
M - Ermmm... I think maybe pink and black or pink and purple
AN - Well, we might be able to get you an all pink one or an all black one but maybe not one that is both
M - Ok, thats fine, what about the pick?
AN - What about it?
M - Will I be able to pick which colour I want for that?
AN - Yes Mia, you will. RIght, we will have a talk later about when we will go and get it. Ok?
M - Yes ok.
AN - Bye Mia
M - Love you
AN - Love you too.
*hang up*

Man, I Love that girl... she is a nutter but so freakin' adoreable


Just keep it to yourself Natalie.
Swallow the sting and learn the lesson.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I just want balance.
For the ups and downs to be equal.
Want the book that history is written in to move one leaf at a time.
For my mirror to show more than an eroded vision of mis-spelt words and unsung phrases.
Will accept 'I Hate You" as long as "I Love You" echoes with the same reckless passion.
Let me see pride just as much as I see embarrassed avoidance.
Admiration standing side by side with resentment.
Hunger and desire to walk hand in hand with repulsion.
I can take the bad just give the good in equal measure so that I don't have to play knock down ginger with contentment.
So that I no longer have to pretend that one doesn't outweigh the other.

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Monday, February 21, 2011


Passions that ebbed have now returned causing desires hot swell to flow through my body.
I once again imagine the darkness of your skin glistening against a moonlit back drop.
I am lost in fluttered lid explorations of the way you dipped slowly inside my soul, fighting for the deepest possible point.
Wings become scratched and damaged as reflex supersedes thought.
I am lost in this.
Do what you do.
I will not question or resist.
Breathless journeys continue down a narrow and sometimes winding path, causing a slight tilt in direction but it seems as though these left to right deviations create a more memorable experience.
I know you prefer to control timing so from my birds eye vantage point I will maintain eye contact as your hands lead me.
Switch around.
Hold tight with the odd show of force as my hair becomes a means for you to maintain balance.
Let me sing you a song.
My lips become full of your stories as I play what your heartbeat dictates, using my tongue and teeth to change the tone and melody.
Journey over beige coloured mountains displaying their brown peaks that appear flecked in pink.
Let me sing you a song.
Learn me.
Exposed but not fearing it.
I do not want to hide any part of me from you so watch me.
I don’t mind.

Obenewa - Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time in London,there lived a girl who played her guitar and sang songs to her heart's content.
Music was her first love,but she was longing to be in love.

One day under the moonlit sky she met a guy who she thought would be her happily ever after ...

the story unfolds.
Join singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Obenewa for an evening of acoustic tales live at the Tabernacle.

Date: Feb 27th 2011
Venue: Tabernacle
Powis Square
London, W11 2AY
Tickets: £8 Adv, £10 Door
Doors Open: 19:00
Show Starts: 19:30

To Book your advanced tkts -


Whenever Wherever Whatever - Maxwell

Sunday, February 20, 2011

DS 1.

Why is it perfectly acceptable to say Caucasian but not ok to say Negroid?

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Friday, February 18, 2011


I am under no illusion as to why you don't want to be here for I barely wish it upon myself.
Grey is the colour of the times only you wear it so well but for me? It sallows my skin and burdens my soul.
Still I wonder...
What is it about me that repels you so?
That makes you only want to get *this* close before retreating and leaving me alone.
Perhaps, deep down, I already know.

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And suddenly...

My life changed.

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I could...

I wish it was me.
Having to watch from the sidelines is breaking me.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It felt natural.
No pretence, no false assertions... though there was definitely some fear.
Cream carpets footprinted in gold with crimson lipstick smudges.
The moment was all that mattered but now I find myself wondering.
what of tomorrow...
Are moments only meant to be temporary or will they now result in lasting fairy tales?
Yet peaceful at the same time.
Wish I could climb inside hidden minds and understand thoughts.
Or create openings in chests to read the Morse code trapped within heartbeats.
But also understanding that what will be is all that is real.
Silence fills my stomach as I don't want to say more than what is comfortable.
Rocking the boat is never intentional.
Just don't want to live my love being forgettable.

Friday, February 11, 2011

No do-overs.

Precious time slips away but still we abandon each other over foolishness.
I am not there when I'm meant to be and you are not here when you are needed to be.
Missing "moments" because we are both lost, scared, confused, angry,hurt and uncomfortable.
Forgetting that our stories were written in alignment for a reason but rather wasting the blessings that we can never re-do.
While we claim to feel perfect emotion.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

T minus 6.

Time draws ever closer.
I watch quietly.
Observing what your move will be and understanding that it will change us forever.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Your thoughts?

Today's Metro had an article about the salt content in "Afro-Caribbean" food.

Here's the table that was printed detailing the food against the salt equivalent in X amount packets of crisps...

Not sure what "maize and cassava ball" is but your thoughts are welcome...

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sibling 2

I am.
A lot more like my baby sister than I had ever thought.

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I wonder if you realise that your words about her also spoke to me?
Placed me in a reflective state that pushed me.
Causing me to stumble closer to my own reality.
For I see the similarity.
The cold harsh truth shining its unfeeling light.
A lesson for someone else that taught me.

Natalie Fiawoo ® Blogging on the go...