Thursday, February 24, 2011

Conversations with a 9 year old

So... for my eldest niece Mia's 9th birthday in november I said that I would get her a guitar. I then had to wait for her to decide what type she wanted. All went quiet on the guitar front so I assumed she had moved on to a new desire and I would hear about it soon enough...
Today, I got a phone call...

*ring ring ring ring*
Aunty natalie - Hello?
Mia - Hello Aunty Natalie
AN - Hey Baby Girl, you Ok?
M - I've made a decision
AN - Oh Ok... Well... what is your decision? *confused*
M - I want and acoustic not and electric
AN - Oh Ok... and do you want and adult one or a kids one?
M - Erm... How big do the adult ones go?
AN - Have a look at the one that is in my room behind the wardrobe
M - Oh... that one looks a bit too big so I think I better have a kiddy one
AN - Ok, and what colour do you want it in?
M - Ermmm... I think maybe pink and black or pink and purple
AN - Well, we might be able to get you an all pink one or an all black one but maybe not one that is both
M - Ok, thats fine, what about the pick?
AN - What about it?
M - Will I be able to pick which colour I want for that?
AN - Yes Mia, you will. RIght, we will have a talk later about when we will go and get it. Ok?
M - Yes ok.
AN - Bye Mia
M - Love you
AN - Love you too.
*hang up*

Man, I Love that girl... she is a nutter but so freakin' adoreable

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