Tuesday, February 15, 2011


It felt natural.
No pretence, no false assertions... though there was definitely some fear.
Cream carpets footprinted in gold with crimson lipstick smudges.
The moment was all that mattered but now I find myself wondering.
what of tomorrow...
Are moments only meant to be temporary or will they now result in lasting fairy tales?
Yet peaceful at the same time.
Wish I could climb inside hidden minds and understand thoughts.
Or create openings in chests to read the Morse code trapped within heartbeats.
But also understanding that what will be is all that is real.
Silence fills my stomach as I don't want to say more than what is comfortable.
Rocking the boat is never intentional.
Just don't want to live my love being forgettable.

1 comment:

SOC said...

can i just say once and once only. you are not forgettable