Monday, February 21, 2011


Passions that ebbed have now returned causing desires hot swell to flow through my body.
I once again imagine the darkness of your skin glistening against a moonlit back drop.
I am lost in fluttered lid explorations of the way you dipped slowly inside my soul, fighting for the deepest possible point.
Wings become scratched and damaged as reflex supersedes thought.
I am lost in this.
Do what you do.
I will not question or resist.
Breathless journeys continue down a narrow and sometimes winding path, causing a slight tilt in direction but it seems as though these left to right deviations create a more memorable experience.
I know you prefer to control timing so from my birds eye vantage point I will maintain eye contact as your hands lead me.
Switch around.
Hold tight with the odd show of force as my hair becomes a means for you to maintain balance.
Let me sing you a song.
My lips become full of your stories as I play what your heartbeat dictates, using my tongue and teeth to change the tone and melody.
Journey over beige coloured mountains displaying their brown peaks that appear flecked in pink.
Let me sing you a song.
Learn me.
Exposed but not fearing it.
I do not want to hide any part of me from you so watch me.
I don’t mind.

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SOC said...

A very powerful use of metaphors. Takes the reader to the event