Saturday, July 7, 2012


"What does it taste like?" He asked.

"Like heaven"
I replied
"Like the birth of civilisations and tribes.
Scattered nations following talking drum rhythms, reconnecting their stories."
I continued.
"Like the bitter sweet syrup of life and truth.
Sugar frosted dandelions. The desire for the crystals to tickle your tongue out weighing the somewhere in the back of your mind fear that picking them will inflict nocturnal incontinence."

"It will cast long forgotten spells, shadowing your subconscious with forgetfulness. Creating space for memories of a place called home."

I met his eye. He smiled and I left him where he stood.
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The Thames

Wrap me cocoon like in warm fuzzy memories.
The kind that glaze and glisten over distant eyes.
Remind me of the heat that can be created when connected souls touch fingertips.
Write me letters that tell tales of what once was and may very well be again.
Whisper soft possibilities.
Tickle my spine with forgotten narratives and hum the melody of familiarity.
Committed and devoted to a million and one things.
Just not to Love.
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oxjam October

It has been such a long time since I last blogged. Something that I am pretty certain I wrote a blog or so ago… *shame*

I do have good reasons for it though…

I was recently selected to hold what is known as the “Oxjam Shoreditch Takeover Festival”.
A multi-venue, one day event in aid of raising funds for Oxfam.
I am excited and also very nervous. I want this to be good and do well so badly that it makes me feel a little sick at times.

After the initial training session we were sent out to go and find teams to help us bring this amazing opportunity into fruition.
This took me a little longer than expected for a couple of reasons.

1- It is kinda hard to get people to dedicate a lot of their time, for free.
This whole event is a huge ask. Oxjam know it and I definitely knew it. The have asked me to dedicate a minimum of 10hrs per week from now until sept, which will raise considerably higher in oct. The month of the actual event.

2- I had a bit of a head vs heart vs head situation regarding whether or not it would be a good idea to include friends in that team.
I was a little scared. For a while I was worried that by taking on friends as part of my team I was possibly copping out. I was also uncertain whether friends would take it as seriously as strangers.

When I look back on that dilemma now I realise how silly I was. My friends love me and wouldn’t let me down.

We are now well into the thick of it and I am appreciative of my team more and more each day.

We will be holding various fundraisers between now and the main event. We will also be looking for bands to come and play our festival soon… you’ll need to follow in order to find out the details…

Join our Facebook and twitter pages to find out where we’ll be and come and say hello.

Facebook -!/OxjamShoreditchTakeover2012 and!/oxjam.shoreditch
Twitter -!/oxjamshoreditch