Thursday, October 29, 2009

A little poetry for ya.... Tis what I do best after all

Tears mix with smiles and I stop and ponder on where we are as opposed to where we were
In the middle of all this headache the only thing I want to do is climb into that warm bed next to you
The heat creating a soothing balm, birthing calm and rational thinking
Angels, Charles Dickens and Tarzan
Memories of that weekend cling to my bones as if they were born there, making the marrow sweeter
Laughter tinkles persistently as you always made me happy
That weekend you became my knight in shining armor aiming to protect me from hassle and issues
That unplanned extra night made it greater because that it brought us closer together
It showed us how we could be in an unexpected environment
Communication with the outside world became less than an afterthought as we basked in each other
We created stumbling blocks and then climbed over them hand in hand
Each time your fingers found mine I was pulled in a little more
The way your eyes sparkled wrapped me up in silk and taffeta
Kept me warm, optimistic and ready
Those memories remind me of how you desired me, of how you hungrily tried to swallow up each droplet of my essence in order to create something new
Something specific to me and you
I wonder if the greatness of what we are together is now less significant in your imagining
Because I still feel like we could do anything
Just as long as we really try
Kinks and creases can easily be ironed out of our laundry and even though it may sound corny
Communication really is key
I talked to damn much, because I couldn't afford for you to not understand how 143, how I'm blown away in appreciation for who you are and who you'll be.
I saw no other man when you stood in front of me
You encompassed all that I need
Would've called you mine proudly

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jelly, Mandarins and Guilty Pleasures

So I’m sitting at my desk eating jelly and it’s tastes so good so good in fact that the concept of Guilty Pleasures came to mind.

Life is full of those little things that we do just for the hell of it, just because we can, just cause they make us feel so damn good.
This is not always a bad thing as sometimes the desires of the heart, tummy, body, mind should be indulged.

The occasional moment of gratification is cool, sometimes even necessary, as long as it isn’t constantly to the detriment of some other poor soul or results in the loss of your own sanity.

Indulgence, extravagance and the love of luxury can wash away the woes of the day but can also result in addiction (shopping, food, sex etc) and I guess it’s at that point we must all learn about partaking in things at a sensible measure.

Guilty pleasures are called such simply because of our fear of judgement by others.

The German Schadenfreude has a more sinister meaning as it refers to the pleasure that is gained from the misfortunes of others and speaks of sadistic enjoyment… something that is apparently more common in men as opposed to women… Funny huh? Especially when us women are meant to be the ones that are more prone to mean, calculated bitchy behaviour.

Interesting what you can learn just from eating a mandarin flavoured jelly.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Logo's, Tattoo's and getting back on it!

Helloooooo out there,

To anyone that is reading this… My guess is that it stops with Ms Zainab 'Zayna Daze' Adam ( who gave me a good telling off for being slack on my blog as she actually read them, (who knew ay!)

Sooo… here I am, trying to give the people what the people want, or in this case, the person what the person wants.

It’s been a mad year for me, my best friend left me to get married and there have been a number of talented poets/performers/singers etc that have released their solo material.
I will catch up on these individually as this is just my little re-introduction blog.

I’ve got lots of idea’s that will hopefully make this a fun read for you and my aim is to update this thing at least 3 times a week… ambitious I know… but I’m gonna try to remain dedicated so have a little faith.

Oh... Before I go... I have a brand new logo... Compliments of Mr David 'Disenelo' Charles, part of which has become my latest tattoo ( or and tell him that I sent ya)

So, with all that said…

Stay tuned… more to come… very soon…