Monday, October 12, 2009

Logo's, Tattoo's and getting back on it!

Helloooooo out there,

To anyone that is reading this… My guess is that it stops with Ms Zainab 'Zayna Daze' Adam ( who gave me a good telling off for being slack on my blog as she actually read them, (who knew ay!)

Sooo… here I am, trying to give the people what the people want, or in this case, the person what the person wants.

It’s been a mad year for me, my best friend left me to get married and there have been a number of talented poets/performers/singers etc that have released their solo material.
I will catch up on these individually as this is just my little re-introduction blog.

I’ve got lots of idea’s that will hopefully make this a fun read for you and my aim is to update this thing at least 3 times a week… ambitious I know… but I’m gonna try to remain dedicated so have a little faith.

Oh... Before I go... I have a brand new logo... Compliments of Mr David 'Disenelo' Charles, part of which has become my latest tattoo ( or and tell him that I sent ya)

So, with all that said…

Stay tuned… more to come… very soon…


1 comment:

Zayna Daze said...

Tattoo is gorgeous, very happy you are blogging again wish it was every day, but I'll settle for three times a week, watch out because I will 'blog police' you. I look forward to reading them in my blog roll. Ps thanks for the plug lol
Big love Nat xxx