Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jelly, Mandarins and Guilty Pleasures

So I’m sitting at my desk eating jelly and it’s tastes so good so good in fact that the concept of Guilty Pleasures came to mind.

Life is full of those little things that we do just for the hell of it, just because we can, just cause they make us feel so damn good.
This is not always a bad thing as sometimes the desires of the heart, tummy, body, mind should be indulged.

The occasional moment of gratification is cool, sometimes even necessary, as long as it isn’t constantly to the detriment of some other poor soul or results in the loss of your own sanity.

Indulgence, extravagance and the love of luxury can wash away the woes of the day but can also result in addiction (shopping, food, sex etc) and I guess it’s at that point we must all learn about partaking in things at a sensible measure.

Guilty pleasures are called such simply because of our fear of judgement by others.

The German Schadenfreude has a more sinister meaning as it refers to the pleasure that is gained from the misfortunes of others and speaks of sadistic enjoyment… something that is apparently more common in men as opposed to women… Funny huh? Especially when us women are meant to be the ones that are more prone to mean, calculated bitchy behaviour.

Interesting what you can learn just from eating a mandarin flavoured jelly.


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