Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ladybird Rock

I haven't written in a while.
I didn't want a certain type, style or genre to box me so I rested.
Allowed life to swirl around me and waited for inspiration to hit hard enough to keep me motivated.
That inspiration came to me in the ladies toilets at work.
As I locked the stall door behind/in front of me I noticed a lone ladybird walking around on the window ledge.
I blew at it hoping it would take flight but it appeared to simply brace itself again the gust of wind. Standing still long enough for the breeze to past before continuing its wander.
As I took a closer look I noticed it wings had become caught in its shell.
It made me wonder.
How many times have I rendered myself incapable of flying because I stupidly caught my wings in the hard casing that is meant to protect them?
Instead of patiently formulating a sensible plan to release them I stand, like a martyr and brace myself against negative winds because of my own idiocy.
A task in futility that I have somehow made myself the victim of.
Soon enough that ladybird will die.
Either of starvation or at the hand of another.
And I decided… I didn’t want that to be my fate.
How ‘bout you?

*Apologies, I had wanted to include an image of a ladybird with trapped wings but they creep me out too much.