Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Don't know what I expected but your anger caught me off guard
Difficult decisions but in the end it was made easier because I listened to my heart
And even though you no longer hold me as you once did
Some things are just more important
Maybe you are worried I wouldn't keep my distance
That the life you had planned after my exit would be ruined now
Well, I'll try my best to not be around
To not invade your space
Your life
You have made your thoughts and feelings clear
But even though each word has burned
I'll still be here
You once said that sometimes, just knowing I was near made it easier to bare
So, maybe that still holds true
I just want you to know that people can keep their word, that love does actually exist, that trust, honesty, patience and a genuine heart is something to be protected
Still... Your anger wasn't something I expected

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1 comment:

SOC said...

i understand patience. but waiting for a bus on Christmas day comes to mind?