Saturday, January 2, 2010

He says

You think I don't feel lousy enough?
Think I don't feel frustration and despair at the fact that I can't be the man you see in me, the man you need me to be?
Do you really think I want you to leave?
All my life I have been disappointed and left behind
Affection and Love weren't so easy to find
Of course something is different this time
Deep down inside
But you aren't seeing it because frustratingly I have difficulties showing
You aren't feeling it because I have issues opening up and giving it
Something is keeping me away from you
My past experiences force me to find fault in most of what you do
I can't let go of the arguments as they lay on my chest
Causing extra weight and prolonged stress
I keep getting it wrong when I think I'm doing what's best...

I Love you

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1 comment:

SOC said...

Every man needs to know it is ok to be a knight in shining armour in your woman's eyes even though in your heart you feel like a wimp in tin foil.