Thursday, January 7, 2010


Is it bad that I still think about us living together?
Figured our history would make this easy
Imagine keeping house whilst you went out
Cooking your favourite meals
Waiting for that "hi honey, I'm home" followed by a kiss on the cheek, forehead or lips that would warm my heart every evening
An amalgamation of my stuff and your stuff
Padding around in my slippers and one of your tee's
Crunchy carpets in some rooms
Wooden flooring in others
Mostly neutral tones mixed with the bold splash of colours
And candles, lots of candles
Talking to you as I soaked in the tub
Writing and re-writing our own story of love
Would've taken good care of you
Thoughts of helping you put lotion on that bit on your back
You know the spot I mean, the one you always miss
Then watch you walk from room to room to room as part of your normal morning routine
Ask you about your day while fixing you a plate and massaging it's struggles away
Lots of laughter
Sometimes maybe even arguments
But these are our memories to create, our decisions to make
All whilst in our space
The scent of you lingering on everything so that it would always feel like you are here even though your aren't at home yet...

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Zayna Daze said...

most beautiful picture ever

S.O.A.P said...

Thanks hun...

SOC said...

ZD Huh? Hmmm

@ SOAP i think if he reads it he will be sick and then homesick. and maybe then the picture could be painted.