Wednesday, December 23, 2009

System Support

In need of a support system.
One that will stay the way I want it to for as long as I need it to.
Strong enough to hold me higher than this sack load of negativity.
Submissive enough to give itself to me.
In need of a support system.
The kind that understands the connection.
Acknowledges the bond that is created when I become dependent.
See my potential and push me towards the realisation.
Acknowledge my faults but still love and want me despite frustration.
One that let's me be strong enough to handle all of it but weak enough to need to call on it.
In need of a support system.
Today I could feel this support system.
Touch, taste, see and breathe this support system.
But understood that it would never be mine...

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SOC said...

Speechless. for now!