Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random entry from my Journey Journal

Today, I Love you but don’t like you
Warm weather and unknown faces call me and I’m wishing I was there now
Because, somehow, your treatment of me has made me slightly resentful
A path I had hoped that this journey wouldn’t take me down
My mind is ablaze with thoughts I will never share because they would make you feel sorry for yourself
And you don’t like that do you?
So, instead of pulling your elasticated socks back into place you walk around so that the world can see them

Drooping and not quite right
With wounded eyes and heart that is predisposed to giving up
Humility is sometimes pushed aside for attention seeking and at times I have felt disrespected by this apparent need to just do what you want regardless of whatever repercussions it may have
Have never pushed you aside in favour of another
Neither have I attempted to replace you with mediocrity and half worth
I just wanna be out of here so that I don’t have to feel your lack of feeling
So that I don't have to see your stunted way of seeing
Or feel bad butterflies and nausea at your blinkered way of being
Next time, it will be different
I promise myself that

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