Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's weird how this space to just vent has now become a way to communicate.
Things that I want to say but can't as I don't want to cause an argument or drag up any emotional bullshit.
Every day I fight it because I feel like it matters less and less to you.
The sun is setting quicker than I had thought on our story and I wonder whether at some point you will cease to even read my ramblings.
I can feel you pulling away from me now and even as I do the same I still ache for you to become the opposite of what you are right now because the only reason I am doing this is because you did it first.
Don't know what to do.
Feels like I was illiterate when it came to things I thought I knew.
Unable to figure out what you think when you see me apart from the fact that my soul only reads as past to you, when it could have said future.
Don't want to say these things anymore and want to feel these things even less.
This 2 way street was really only travelled by me.
Repetitive history...

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SOC said...

I wish you could have been missed by this rock. :-(