Monday, December 14, 2009

Sometimes a snowball is just that, a snowball.

What is it with our (human beings) constant need to look for the negative before the positive?

Why do we assume that something is gonna go wrong without actually allowing ourselves to nurture the right?

I have learnt that whenever you look for the ugly you will undoubtedly find it so, a while ago, I made the decision to be that annoying positive chick always looking for a silver lining regardless of how dark or gloomy the cloud might be.
Sometimes I get proper frustrated when people don't allow themselves to enjoy something because their past has "shown" them that things never work out the way that they want them to work out and that belief makes them quite content to sit back and say "See, I told you so" when the smallest trial comes their way.

I wonder if they've ever considered the possibility that they negative attitude and inability to help the good things grow is what pushes things in the wrong direction... Sometimes I wanna take the index finger of my right hand, poke them in the middle of their hard head and shout "Ever heard of a Self Fulfilling Prophecy Buddy????"

Don't get me wrong, the bubble that I live in isn't so thick and rose tinted that I can't acknowledge that sometimes shit just goes wrong, however, I don't believe that you should start looking for the bigger problem that might possibly come afterwards, but rather that you should take the hit, learn from it and push forward towards the things that make you happy.

Like attracts Like.

There isn't always going to be an avalanche, sometimes a snowball is just that, a snowball.

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