Monday, December 28, 2009


I do it because it's my way of dealing
Saying what I think you're feeling in a bid to lessen my hurting
I'll joke about u leaving before you get round to it so that hopefully I'm less affected
A bid to take the power away from you, yeah, I know...
It's backwards
But it's the only way that I can cope
The reality of the situation
The burn sting of rejection
The repetition
I guess it makes me somewhat hypocritical when I react to you doing the same
It's just that when you do it, it feels real
Uncertainty still shouts at me when I look at you and so I struggle to understand what it is that you feel
28 hrs of perfection
Previously unfelt connection
A sense of protection
My heart and soul silently, secretly plead for you to change your mind
Hoping it felt just as good to you but knowing it didn't because as the first light is revealed on a new day
And times sands quickly and steadily fall away
Has changed

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