Thursday, December 17, 2009

Adult Content

Me- Some nasty, pissy, old, tramp just showed me his erection!!!
YB- was it big
Me- No, it was disgusting

This conversation got me thinking.
In general, dick/penis/cock/manhood ,or whatever you wanna call it, is not really very pleasing to the eye...
I mean, unlike made for male porn, pictures of random, hard pee pee's aren't gonna get me off.

With that said, sometimes even the thought of doing special favours for that special man may seem stomach churningly daunting...

That is until you have that moment.

That moment when the switch flicks and you have, what I have decided to call a 'Dickpithiny'.

That moment where everything amazing and brilliant that this man has been doing for you (maybe even TO you) merges into a big, beautiful ball of sunshine and suddenly, the once ugly private member becomes your best friend.

You wanna look at it, touch it, taste it, hell, even cook hot meals WITH dessert for it.

You LOVE it!


Nothing has the power to get you off or on more than this mans special stick...

I don't really know where this blog is going but the thought caught me and so I allowed my fingers to run with it.

It's late, please don't hold it against me.

Maybe ya'll can leave me some comments to share your thoughts on this random but interesting phenomena?

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SOC said...

I cannot believe you never got comments on this one. or did you have to delete them? either way, i promise you, in the right place this blog has the potential to make you famous.