Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Those 3 words

I am sorry
A true expression of heartfelt emotion…
More sorry than you could ever, ever understand.
My sharp tongue and tact-less nature with honesty has become my own worst enemy apparently and …
I am sorry.
Desperate for your forgiveness…
You will never forget.
Maybe your heart will never let you let go of the pain, frustration and anger and you will completely disconnect.
Focus will remain on the pain and negatives as you seemingly no longer focus on our rainbows and magic.
This story has now become one of those that fall into the genre of ‘Tragic’ and you have turned away.
I always stood in the rain as I was sure the sun would soon swing our way but now that day will never emerge.
You walked away.
I am sorry.
Wish these 3 words would embed themselves within those 3 words and you would be able to feel as I do.
I am hot headed.
A trait I unfortunately inherited from my mother.
Always respected the balance you brought and the way you poured silver over my fire.
You have driven me to be better.
Made me stand upon humilty and breathe tenderness patiently.
You did nothing wrong
Because everytime I lay my head on my pillow forgiveness erased the trials of the previous day and I kept no record.
I am sorry…
Maybe one day you will be able to feel me.

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