Monday, May 17, 2010

Through my Spy Hole...

I look at you and I see
A man.
Never a boy, never an inferior.
I see that "head of the household" type aura.
Someone who wants to be better for me.
Allow me to let my guard down when I need.
I see a protector.
King of his domain.
A Lion or maybe a Shark?
A man who has my best interests at heart.
A source of comfort.
Partnership forged easily.
You make me feel like a woman.
Bringing out my nurturing side.
Let me cook for you whilst you sleep.
Wake rested gently as I bring the things you like to eat.
Have me listen intently whilst you speak.
I will rub your back.
Even, God forbid, your feet.
Make me stop and think.
Your strong arms allowing me to rest securely.
Let the rhythmic thud of your hearts beat become my lullaby.
Assert your power when we make love, but also allow me to give you everything you deserve.
I give you respect easily as you have proven your worth.
You force me to sort my shit out and get it together.
Teach me.
Lead me.
I will follow willingly.
No issues or misplaced idea of feminine independence or strength.
I look at you and I see.
A Man.
Hard enough to fix me.
Soft enough to melt me.
I'm sorry if I never told you these things often enough.

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...


Rebeka said...

Oh My God!! Natalie i LOVE you, this was exactly the poem i needed! you have no idea! *happy sigh* i cant even express how ive beeing going round in circles and riding swings and roundabouts lol! but this gives much needed clarity !!! Yayyyyyy!! :D

S.O.A.P said...

Heya me dear...

thank you very much for taking out the time to read soooo many of my blogs (lol... I saw your comments). Apologies for the delayed response, it has taken me an age to actually get online.

So Glad you liked it... Glad you connected with it...

So... erm... where can I read some of your stuff then? Ay? Ay?

Rebeka said...

Ok i finally found it again lol! ok reply.. reply...

1. Your welcome, its always a pleasure to read your writings :D

2. and yes i love connecting with a piece always makes it that much more satisfying!

3. lol i do not have a blog so all my stuff is on my FB!! ermmm don't know if i have you on there?? in fact are you on there lol? or have you abandoned it like so many others??