Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summers Eve

We spent hours in conversation.
Catching up.
Letting our patchworked guards down.
Created a space of our own.
This grass covered no go zone and people left us alone.
Just you and me.
First side by side and then back to back.
Recounting days past making sure we had shared till the last stone of information was cast.
Missed moments and withheld memories all explained with as much detail as our well read mouths could utter.
So much laughter.
You served me and up until this very moment I am unable to figure out why.
So many tiny little things that I noticed and replay over and over in my minds eye because these things make the silence easier to live with, when it arrives.
Just you and me.
Private jokes shared.
Mini rants where no poor unsuspecting soul was spared.
Became partners in crime as we planned the liberation of the bottle we had bought with us specially.
We did it all on that summers eve.
And when it was time to leave?
My sadness was gently dabbed away by your offer to further share your space as we headed back to your place and listened to music whilst we played.
Black jack was your choice of game.
Just you and me.
Candles alongside a pre-planned play list created the flickering back drop and I believe I showed you who was boss as card after card resulted in you emptying your glass quicker and me being semi-victorious.
You watched me silently.
Your eyes washed over with this unexplainable curiosity.
Wasn't sure what you were exactly trying to see but for the first time in as long as I can remember I didn't falter self consciously.
Just stared back.
Just you and me.
As time wore on and the candles lost their glow.
We connected.
TWICE that night you silently spoke to me.
Told me stories of a time when love was burned onto your tongue so that each syllable you uttered slowly dripped from your lips covered in maple syrup and honeycomb.
Sweet and easy to swallow.
Your skin wrote all over me.
Tattooed my body with tales of a next lifetime.
As tears pricked at my dilated eyes I turned away to hide.
Though you felt it, I believe.
Tears signifying the freedom those last few moments had brought me.
Just you and me.
Falling into a satisfied slumber I tried not to ponder on who's space I was currently occupying.
I mean, I knew this side of the bed didn't belong to me.
But I chose to write my name on it for the time being.
As deeply as my heart would allow me.
I relaxed with ease listening to your heart beat.
Woke feeling rested and cloaked over with peace.
No matter how temporary.
Just you

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