Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Good morning.

Grey floods through my window
I am as lethargic as the slow moving clouds blemishing the sky with their dull, gloomy presence.
Waiting for the blue to become my saviour.
Today, I am exhausted.
Numb even.
Wishing for a miracle to rectify the past few months.
As I prepare to walk into a new year I am unsure what to expect.
Wondering how much of this past year will spill over.
Contamination or enhancement?
I have reached a place of acceptance where I will stand in the middle of what I believe and be the honest, open, truth.
No renegotiations with my heart.
Nor pretence to restart.
Just try and find peace in the things that have come to be.
In truth I am struggling.
I will do my best.
It's all that I can do.

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1 comment:

Zayna Daze said...

Follow your heart and trust in your decisions honey, I'm more than sure you'll be fine... oh and don't forget the smile x