Monday, June 7, 2010


For the next few days I want to...
Just Be.
I already know what will come afterwards but for these remaining and soon to be misused hrs I just want the luxury of walking around blindly... all be it temporarily.
Want to remember how to be happy.
Any tears should be the result of ecstasy and shouts are to come from simply being free.
I will smile at past pain and live without future sadness.
So let me enjoy the little things and spend time in a place far from this routine madness.
Don't want to talk about the yesterday or the tomorrow.
Just the now.
Just be.
I know its crazy.
Impossible possibly.
Don't wanna think just wanna feel.
Don't wanna think.
Just let me feel.
And for any moment that you are in contact with me.
Try and do the same.

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