Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A knee jerk moment of madness and now I feel I have to keep myself in check.
Feeling things that border on the irrational.
I guess this is what insecurity feels like.
I think it’s because I can’t read your next move anymore.
Trust, understanding have all gone out the window.
I used to be sure that there were certain things you wouldn’t do just because…
“nah… he isn’t driven in the same way others may be… he feels a certain responsibility to me”
The space of easy accessibility that you have created for others.
The way you refuse to place distance between yourself and those that desire you.
The simple but glass sharp knowledge that you owe me nothing.
That one word now feels like a fast fading echo.
I can’t be sure of things I once was.
Swimming around in this sea of uncertainty.
Unable to open up and give.
For the most part, offers of help and support are now covered in white noise.
My fault? Yours? Both?

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