Monday, June 21, 2010


Run away with me.
Let's just do it.
Go somewhere and start something that is just for us.
In a place that life is slower, skies are bluer, grass is greener and the stars shine at night.
Let's rid our souls of this oppressive cycle.
Lift our spirits and just be.
Live free.
Run away with me.
Let me, wake next to you each morning rising in time to make you breakfast.
Pad around bare footed in one of your tees across old wooden floors and soft rugs.
Early morning kisses and night time hugs.
Walk with me by the river, for it was there that I was touched by unselfish Love.
Learning once again why we dared utter those 3 little words.
Hold me like you once loved to and kiss me out of random urge.
Because I have learnt that you are more at ease when we carve out a place that hasn't been touched by any other negativity.
Run away with me.

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...


Rebeka said...

Hmmmmmm i felt like this the other day except i wanted to go on my own lol!

S.O.A.P said...

LOL... just saw this.