Thursday, March 18, 2010

You kissed me.

You kissed me.
Came unexpectedly so I was surprised.
You leaned forward and just when I thought you would stop...
You kept on going.
Your lips touched mine.
Determined but gentle.
Soft but hard.
Everything faded to a grey/purple/green and I saw nothing apart from you and me floating somewhere between the clouds and the blue.
You kissed me.
Gently biting my lower lip.
Out of character for you.
*smile... Again*
Like you were trying to tell me how much you desired me and how strong you would be for me.
Not sure what brought about this sudden need to connect with me like that but you will hear no complaints from me.
My confusion I will ponder silently.
You kissed me.

I wonder when you'll do it again.

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