Monday, March 22, 2010

Your life and mine.
So merged are we that its hard to define where one line begins and where the others cease.
Everyday something occurs that reunites.
Unbreakable ties.
We did it.
We created a link of shared tangible and immaterial that makes it impossible to stop the criss cross of 2 colours fighting to become one.
We are what happens when you mix grey with purple against a green back drop.
I still think its beautiful.
A blurred existence.
I wonder if this is a futile resistance? Is the separation a farce?
Are we pretending that we will be able to continue a life without this molten, marshmallow love?
Will your soul continue to shine?
Will mine?
What have we done?
Frustration and relief.
We created something that was way too deep and this is now what keeps us

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SOC said...

I actually felt like this once, but I came out of it.