Friday, March 5, 2010

Sand castles

… and once again I sit in the centre of a tumbled down sandcastle.
Waves and wind caused it to forget how much time was spent building it and it gave up.
Decided that it would rather lay back down once again instead of standing tall against the grain.
Not remembering the sacrifices that had been made, the blisters that had formed so that each grain could be placed… just… so…
My tears are now invisible as they mingle with the cold, salty mess.
Never to be fully understood or appreciated.
Through them I keep trying to rebuild.
Alone and through blurred vision.
Even though my sandcastle has already given up.

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SOC said...

Who knows, had you added a small amount of cement to the sand you built your castle with your castle might still be standing. The real question is what is the cement of life?