Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ranting with love...

Fuck it!
I wanna Love you.
Wanna be free to do for you whatever I feel.
Wanna stop you from running because the shadow of your past still has a noose around your neck and you are scared it will hold onto your breath if you travel too far from your usual.
Blessed are the cracked for they let in the light... <-----that is me!
Some kinda super woman shit that will remove that shadow permanently.
Wanna hug you just because I feel it.
Kiss you because you need it.
Wanna fall to me knees and makes yours weak
I wanna remove the chains that our history caused to materialise.
Wanna stop backing off because I feel your boundaries.
Wanna ignore your fake protests and erase the tears that we have both shed.
Just wanna be free to be me…
You know… the same woman that you once said you Loved (before I said it might I add)
The same woman that you asked for favours and introduced to your mother.
You know she likes me…
I wanna show you that my love is the kind of love that will carry you through anything and will never judge you growth or progression.
Wanna shake off my own heavy fear because that bitch called rejection is no longer present here…But more than anything..

I wanna slap you…
One of them old school slaps that you received from your mother that made you see stars before clearing a way for good sense to sit down and rest…
I wanna
I wanna

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Comfort | Art without Apology said...

WOW! Felt the passion in this one hard. Nice work Nat Nat.

On another note, I'm so massively impressed that you post EVERY day, it's inspiring. Keep on keeping on.

Bless, Comf

SOC said...

So i wonder if you did