Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The sun shone.
Last nights cold darkness seemed to have dissipated into the beautiful light of this morning's warmth elevating my spirit and making me smile.
My troubles, worries and heartache soon became an almost forgotten reminiscence.
I smiled, I laughed, I felt uplifted.
I was untouched by my lack of sleep and it was unable to determine what I did today.
The sun shone.
Gullible in my belief that the clouds had gone because soon enough grey clouds showed me I had been wrong.
I stared out of my window and felt empty.
Struggling to fathom why the suns favour no longer shone on me.
Overwhelmed with the truth of it.
I wasn't special.
It hadn't heard my plea's of "Please" but had instead maintained its own agenda.
Disappointment clung to my lungs making breathing a bothersome task.
I wondered how long it might last.
Shock and hurt stabbed at my stomach, forcing me back into the routines of old.
Let down.
The sun shone… briefly
Then it was gone.

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SOC said...

You are always special. Just not always to the people that you want to be special to. And when the barrel is empty you owe yourself the pleasure of basking in your own specialness.