Monday, March 15, 2010

Open and shut case

I feel like maybe I shouldn't open up to you.
Judgment is thrown at me whenever I do so and you never seem able to let it go.
You built this impossible image of who I am and now I am unable to just be a woman, be human, be me because you never forget.
Sometimes flipping my pain and making it yours.
I feel self disgust after I have opened out myself on your table because as I am sewn back up, some of your disappointment always seems to slip into the sealing wound causing a gangrenous chunk, needing amputation.
Instead of you wanting to protect me from the fear, I fear that you taste bad food on a hot day and are left unfulfilled, dissatisfied and seeking something else from elsewhere...
I feel like maybe I shouldn't open up to you because every time I do
I lose a little more of my self respect... Just as you seem to

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