Monday, March 29, 2010


You are it.
My expression is now dictated by the softness of hands running gently over naked skin.
You sit within my thoughts, emotions and beliefs.
The way you slipped your fingers in between mine has me entwined in a peaceful silent memory of a river view at night.
The finest linen where we wrote our story over and over again.
Caressing affectionately my apparently fragile psyche.
Reams and reams of me, laid bare for the world to share.
I have learned that it will never be the same without the indentation of your soul spread out against the pages of my life.
The scent of combined ability means that this was for us
Me and You only.
4hrs doubled and I understood that I can no longer attempt to start a new chapter but rather have to put down the book.
You held me up at one of my lowest points but your reasons aren't the ones I wished for.
You are my muse.
No use picking up a pen without you.

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Rebeka said...

Im loving this one :)

SOC said...

with or without him please keep writing.