Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Visitation... WIP

I know why you come here...

You come here to get the latest installment of gossip.
Wanting to see what my open and sincere heart has bled for your amusement and banter.
You come here to find out whether smacking him on the arse is acceptable behaviour.
Whether you might be in with a chance.
Asking questions that will further your cause.
Looking relentlessly for the answers I will not give.

You come here to gauge whether you are worthy competition.
What you will never understand is that I slice open arteries and pour my essence out without fear.
I will continue to do so long after you have ceased to come visit here.
My priority isn't being better than any of you but simply being better.
I do not write to gain notoriety and hand claps from the easily amused.
I am these words.

You come here because I will not speak to you.
I have shut down and in a bid to find out where my heart is you search syllables and phrases, the odd and surprisingly placed metaphor.
You come here and are sometimes stung by my honesty, hurt by my hurt but only withdrawing as a response when you should be working harder to grow with me.
You come here because knowing that you can be affected by my pain somehow makes you feel less guilty.

There are a few that visit here because they respect my integrity and honesty.
Admire ability.
Love me personally.
To those, I thank you sincerely.

I know why you come here.
Keep on coming...
Maybe you will learn something.

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