Thursday, September 23, 2010

210 mishap


I get on my bus (210) and just after the back doors, there are those 2 double seaters that are raised. I guess it must be the bus mezzanine or something? Anyways, there is someone sitting on the window seat of each. A black man to the left and a white lady to the right.

I sit on the right. My choice was made quickly and easily... There was more space next to the lady and I had my gym bag as well as my plus size frame to sit comfortably.

There is a turkish looking lady that is just behind me and looks immediately frustrated with me. I look to the lady I'm sitting next to (just in case they are friends) but the lady next to me has her head buried in a book.
I look back to Madame turkish and notice that a look of disgust now replaces her frustration...
This is, unfortunately, is aimed at the black man whom she quickly passes (with continued look of disgust) and goes to sit in one of the 'make you feel sick for your whole journey' backward facing seats.

To me, it appeared as though she believed the black man to be a disgusting creature whom she simply couldn't be expected to sit next to.

I immediately got 'hot' and wanted to say something.
Two things stopped me from doing this.
1- me blowing up at her might somehow make her feel justified to have any backward notion that she is possibly carrying about
2- I didn't sit next to the black man. Which is something she could easily throw back in my face, regardless of my reasoning.

So... Now that my ramble is over, I would like to ask
Have you noticed anything similar on your travels?
What did you do?
How would you have reacted were you sitting in my seat?

Cheers xxx

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