Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Picture book

So... The butterflies are back.
The bad ones that are felt but not heard.
2 events later and still not a word.
I try and justify the path of "send" to "silence" but come up empty handed with palms facing downwards towards a dirty but very familiar ground.
Ok, so I admit it. I went out on a limb.
Found that last bit of self confidence, the remaining drop of bravery, gathered up the lonely crumbs of sexy and sent them whole heartedly.
I want to ask if you received these but sure if you had and were at all interested there would be a red flashing response.
The word echoes in 3 syllables, constantly.
Ringing nightmares into existence and new pain into being.
No longer seeing in 4D my vision comes single mindedly.
Summers cold winters night.
We said goodbye and my self confidence lay in a puddle of shadows.
Hastily placed foot steps leave it in prints along the overused road.
I didn't even expect a reaction though I had hoped for one.
I Just wanted acknowledgement.

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