Tuesday, September 7, 2010

She Sits...

She sits.
Reads and re-reads from her small notebook.
Recalling lost moments and pain
"Acid rain tears burn trails down my cheeks and fall into the memories of you and I.
Burning pearl drop holes leaving disjointed recollections of patch worked time.
Their only mission is to remind.
I am not a part of your world.
You met me in mine.
Leaving my everyday intertwined with images of us.
You live your life outside of anything that we created
Whereas mine was saturated with the scent of us
And no I find no escape"
She sits
Pondering on lost moments and pain.
Actions that could have been prevented or at least lessened in potency.
Betrayal is what she feels.
But not by him.
By herself.
That female intuition she was sure she possessed led her astray
It wasn’t supposed to end this way.
And now, as she falls into this spiral she tries to steady herself for when she hits rock bottom.
Not long to go now.
Not long to go.

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