Monday, April 12, 2010


My skin smells of you.
Little bubbles of your energy are stuck in my system creating ripples of oil/water rainbows.
I am a blind/deaf mute in your presence only hearing and seeing what my darkened mind will conclude.
Unable to speak whatever would be necessary for yours to collude.
It is ticking over.
Going so fast I'm sure it will get burnt out.
You give an inch and I always reach for that mile.
Some annoying reflex that will ensure that I always want more than you are willing to give.
Trying to figure out a way to fix this. I feel selfish.
Deserving of this conveyor belt of painful days and sleepless nights.
Wanting and needing when I have no right.
What is wrong with me?
A piece of you lives within me and I am frustrated with myself because my ears are unable to properly hear you asking for it back.
On the wrong track.
Train coming towards me at full pelt but instead of turning and running I am glued to my position by what is felt deep within the well of my soul.
I want to let go... Because you want me to do so.
But whenever your eyes meet mine my pupils become checkered with our history.
Each of my senses begin to fizzle and pop.
And my heart becomes putty in your beautiful hands.
This was never meant to be a part of the plan.
I just get confused sometimes.
Almost able to see a glint of love, want and need hidden away in the darkest recesses of your eyes.
Is it love I feel?
Is it love I see?
This is what makes me hold on.
Through no fault of your own for I am responsible.
Addicted to you.

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