Thursday, April 15, 2010


You think I haven’t noticed?
That little jealous streak that sometimes reaches its peak as you make little digs to me.
Funny, ‘cause I didn’t take you for the possessive type.
Now, don’t think I take that as a negative, I know you aren’t crazy…
To be honest
I kinda like it
That nonchalant swagger you try to maintain is just an exterior as this display of ownership reminds of your soft, warm centre.
Your little comments about what other guys do or say to me.
Remarks about who might want piece.
Was kinda cute when you adjusted my shirt so that minimal cleavage showed.
On the real, I love how you keep an eye on what is going on around me to keep me protected.
How you stand just behind me so that your masculinity is projected
I can feel your energy.
I have spotted that look in your eye that you try to mask.
The one that tells me you aren’t happy with what someone said or did but I know you trust that I can handle most situations and the times that I couldn't you have.
Marking you territory?
I have noticed that you seem to enjoy being in a certain space with me.
Could it be that you are fooling yourself and allowing your stubbornness to dictate your tomorrow?
Fearful of being hurt and having no one to hold you through certain times of sorrow?
Seems like you to walk, talk and act like a duck but want to play around like a cheetah.
So… Erm… What’s really going on?

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