Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Emotionally Melodic

'Put on my hat, flower in place, put the new jokes up my sleeve 'cause you don't smile so easily, make up in place, wait near the stage, 'cause when your ready I am there, for you to laugh away your tears..'
'Such a fool' by Obenewa

It isn't often that I will stand in a crowd and be so pulled in emotionally by and artist that I want to leave.
Eric Roberson did that at the Jazz cafe when he sang "Dealing" and on Monday night, Obenewa did the same.

She sang an acoustic version of a brand new song called 'Such A Fool' and I felt completely exposed.
My story was immediately attached to it and I could see myself standing where she was/is standing.

After speaking with her last night I realised how similar our stories are, which is what enabled me to become so connected to it.
The song is basically about a woman who does all that she can to make herself “beautiful” mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally for the man that she is in Love with. In the end she feels like such a fool because he decides he doesn’t want her.
I spent the latter part of the song repeating “Don’t cry Natalie” over and over in my head.

In conversation it transpired that the actual analogy that is used for the song is one of a Clown. It’s all good playing that part when you feel like you are heading somewhere but as soon as that person walks away, you are just that, a Clown with all your inadequacies on display.

I have always been hugely impressed with Obenewa as singer/songwriter/entertainer and for those of you who have never heard of her I really suggest that you download her FREE mixtape and join one of her pages so that you can be fortunate enough to catch her next show.

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