Tuesday, April 20, 2010


In dedication to GREEDS.
Those that were at Get Familyar will understand...

Last night
You embraced your truth and became something I never will.
I was proud.
Prouder than I am able to fully express, for the growth that I have seen when it comes to where you are now and what you have been left me awe struck.
I stood there and thought "ha, I know him"
I wished to be like you.
Brave, gifted.
But understand that it won't happen.
People questioned why I did not step on sacred ground, and my heart acknowledged that is not the path God has laid out for me.
Not my destiny.
You have found you and it was as I knew it would be.
You see, I already know the potential you hold and am resigned to sit and watch quietly.
Blessed to have walked with you through this journey.
On Monday 19th April you made History.
For the second time in less than a year.
I was thankful to have been there.
I felt your fears as you stepped to the stage but also knew that you would do something special.
I understood without you even telling me that you would prove a point simply because you were to share the stage with those that were there long before you acknowledged your gifts.
I saw the vein in the side of your neck and braced myself for the impact of 3 years of frustrations, fears and blessings.
Experimental success in its purest form.
Excitement bubbled within me as I watched the whole crowd manipulated.
The looks of astonishment as your expressions covered them and they understood.
They understood.
You made those that came before you blush… took them to a place where they became the student as you showed them what "new school" was really going to do.
They felt the pressure of having to go after, had to breathe deep and hope that they could fill the footprints burned into the space that they were now to attempt to grace.
Fuck… don't even know how else to explain.
What's next?

S.O.A.P® Blogging on the go...

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G.R.E.E.D.S said...

Its been a journey indeed and im sure that no one will understand or see things in the way you do. Thank you. and FYI, you sooo know that you are just as much the POET as well and can Grace the stage.

Your following is so strong and people hold you on such a high regard so you can not back away from the mic my dear, people want to hear your work.

Im not sure whats next, and you know I have these random moments.

I think I showed a side you always knew was there and now that it was shown, lol, I errm dnt have no feet to stand on lol.

Actually, actually!!! I do know whats next.

Your Book!

Thank you

For being, you.