Friday, April 2, 2010

Life will imitate art

Taken more paracetomol than advised.
All washed down with the remnants of your leftover Wray and Nephews.
Rape and abortion put me here before, I remember standing in this spot not wanting to deal anymore.
Being unable to see clearly through the sickness.
Today as my heart broke you called me a liar.
2 young boys run past making an attempt to take what is mine and you laughed it off and verbalised venom back.
I am the insomniac without and appetite.
Slipping in and out of the black outs that your rejection forced upon me.
Stone cold heart, empty eyes and a mouth that spits rejection.
I sat across from you as you told me that my pain didn't affect the level of comfort you are content with.
You called me a liar.
You called me a liar.
A liar.
Replacing one incident for another, you called me a liar.
I want to hate you for that.
But the truth is, you broke me and pushed me over the edge.
You called me a Liar.

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SOC said...

Note to self……..never call Nats a liar!!!!