Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sing a song for me

"Cause were alone now... and I'm singing this song for you..."

You speak to me in thunderous silence and I have opened my whole soul so that I can hear you
The problem with silence is that sometimes interference creates waves in the signal
Distorting the message
Please... bare with me as decipher these heat waves
Sometimes I stand at a slight distance as I don't wish to be burnt as I once was
Trust me when I say that I am now standing closer than I ever was
I have seen what is generated as a product of our joint chemistry is created
Sparks fly and colours mutate
The result is something other worldly and that can sometimes be scary
I thought that you would understand this
We are definitely reading the same book but sometimes we over take each other and lose our place
Maybe we should take it in turns, regulate the pace?
Maybe even write in the margins transforming the space?
Leaving notes for the other to find
Breadcrumbs in a dense forest
Clear and present in the disjointed visuals of my dreams I see you
Protector and Lover
Friend and Supporter
You Love me...
Finally, I can breathe

1 comment:

SOC said...

needing anothers love to breath is a risky approach to life.