Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paper Heart

He was different
Allowed her to stop protecting herself and once again be the person she was before the pain began
Before all those scars marked her near perfect derma
His touch must have contained something magical because suddenly these scars began to heal
Her wounded, burnt, scratched and sore skin became little more than blemished
Some still remained but others completely vanished
A balm unlike any other
His smile erased memories of mental and physical abuse, rape, abortion, attempted suicide…
He became her lover
Then he went deeper became closer
Someone she trusted
Best friend?
Only she could never tell him
Fearful that the weight of what he had given to her would make him feel unworthy
He sent his Love via email and she questioned it
Unsure of whether he really saw his future at her side
She dreamed of loving him with her whole being
Of giving the world to him along with everything in between
He really was her knight in shining armour
Moonlight shone on him even in the day time
For she knew that she would always have everything she needed...
As long as he stood next to her

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SOC said...

If you ever read my comments let me make it unequivocally clear your dreams are in reach and your hopes are to be kept alive