Friday, February 5, 2010

GREEDS – 2nd Sampler (Something Borrowed) with Nutty P

I haven't actually told him my thoughts on his latest offering but I am blown away.
The inspiration that lives within this guy has me in awe most times.
Things I wouldn't even think about doing myself creatively are second nature for him.
Since I was fortunate enough to be present when he started his journey on the circuit/scene I have seem him grow immensely and he is now the one to watch and in some cases, the one to beat.

The sampler follows the mixtape rules perfectly, taking well known beats and making them… well… better.
A definite lesson to all those that doubted the strength and versatility of Spoken word/Poetry.
With only 6 actual tracks, most of which are under 2mins, GREEDS amazingly manages to still provide a lil bit of something for everyone.
My favourite thing about the sampler?
Resisting the urge to “ride de riddims” and rap, this Poet remains true to the artform in which he is steadily becoming a master. I am so impressed and excited by what is to come for 2010 for him.

GREEDS… I wanna be just like you when I grow up!
Just to add to the excitement, GREEDS will be performing at Jazz cafe on 7th Feb 2010, with a live band, The Remedies for UK Soul Jam. Check out his Facebook for more info.

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